Creekstone Gardens Policies

  1. Special Event Liability Insurance will be requested of the rental party by Creekstone Gardens.  Event Liability insurance may be purchased from Wedsafe at or may be added as a rider on your homeowner's policy.
  2. To protect our guests, resident wildlife, and fragile plants, minor children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  3. Drinking of alcoholic beverages is not allowed on Creekstone Gardens grounds unless the rental party has secured a current Banquet Permit and Special Event Liability Insurance.  No "hard liquor" will be allowed at any time.
  4. All music must end by 9:30 p.m.  Live music may be allowed only at the discretion of Creekstone Gardens management.   All individuals attending the event must vacate the premises no later than 10:00 p.m.
  5. Setup may not begin prior to the access time in your contract.
  6. Candles are not allowed in the barn in order to comply with fire code.
  7. The rental party is responsible for cleaning up any decorations or other material brought onto the premises by any party other than Creekstone Gardens.  Creekstone Gardens is not responsible or liable for any personal items lost, stolen, or damaged.
  8. No sports equipment is allowed on garden property, including footballs, soccer balls or volleyballs without prior permission.
  9. No poppers, artificial petals, confetti or confetti-like material is allowed on garden property.
  10. Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings and allowed only in designated areas.
  11. Creekstone Gardens reserves the right to ask any person or persons to leave the premises for lewd or indecent actions, fighting, intoxication, loud or abusive language, or other offensive conduct.
  12. The renter shall be responsible for all damages, costs, and expenses to the facilities and gardens of Creekstone Gardens during their use of the property.  The renter agrees to comply with all state laws and regulations.